“reeks of sex, sweat, smoke, dope, beer and violence”
Thuy On – The Age

“Australia’s own Raymond Carver”
Con Sarazen – MX

“tough but compassionate”
Andrew Humphreys – The Bulletin

“Boyack’s stories are defiantly Australian”
Andrew Humphreys – The Bulletin

“One of the tightest selections of gritty short stories to emerge from the back streets of Australia”
Graham Clarke – Brisbane Courier Mail

“Ordinary and extraordinary, lyrical and touch, menacing and soothing”
Mischa Merz – Herald Sun

“Boyack pulls off many startling passages, he has a deadly accurate ear for dialogue”
Catherin Ford – The Age

“Boyack’s style is assured, even hypnotic”
Debra Adelaide – Sydney Morning Herald

“Boyack copies no style, but follows his own refreshing and unique direction”
Paul Stewart – Herald Sun

“Transactions is a beautiful, riveting and powerful collection from one of Australia’s finest practitioners of short fiction”
Nathanael O’Reilly – JAS Review of Books