Boyack’s debut poetry collection Self Help and Other Works released…internationally

Self Help and Other Works”, my debut poetry collection is now avaiable for consumption and enjoyment, digitally. Its taken a while, but it has been worth it. These poems are a continuation of my short fiction work in many ways adopting the same detail, toughness and sugar that my work is known for. At $8.95 it is a bargain, and I would encourage you all to purchase one for the team and one for Christmas stocking. I’d like to thank a lot of people, but in particular, Pat Pittman for assisiting me in the “Boyack Project”, and also my beautiful wife Vanessa Ann for being such a sport through my baby-attack-tantrums and my penchant for selfishness. I mean that Nessa, I love you. Please see below for the official blurb of “Self Help and Other Works”. You can take what you will from this if you wish to reveiw the work. I am also open to further contact around the promotion of the new book, and the old ones, as well as readings and performances. Just email me through this site and we can talk more.

In more exciting news “See Through”, the acclaimed UQP release of 1996 is set to be digital very shortly. These stories were a culmination of works in the seminal self published books “Black” (1993), and “Snakeskin/Vanilla” (1994). There are plans for my debut short story collection released by the Vulgar Press (2003) “Transactions” to also be available digitally very soon.

Please also check out the excellent audio accompaniment of Self Help on the audio page of the site. “Terra Terror” will be pushed on radio in the coming weeks, so keep and ear our for it. Soundtracks were contributed by Dave Thrussell (Snog/ Black Lung/ and long time movie soundtracker) and Cris Sirc (Angler/ Sirc), as well as gritty guitar feedback sweeps by yours truly.

Please, let me know what you think of “Self Help and Other Works”. I would really love to hear from you.

Blurb for “Self Help and Other Works“
In his debut collection of poems Neil Boyack’s Self Help and Other Works digs deep into the trials of loyalty, the stink of lust, and the wounds of solitude. Boyack’s commitment to vulnerability is there for all to see and judge, as is his way. Heavily based in the operational and everyday he finds the hidden and the secret in the self deceptions and the anonymity of the dead fox, roads as long as sight, an argument on the beach, and in the ironies of a white Australia with a black history. His writing is never accusing, but draws the reader with sweet threads into places Australian poems rarely go. Boyack’s poems have followed his stories; sharp, jagged, sugary jabs of writing tasting of rust yet respecting all. Whether its kids in care, outback grief, the brutality of pecking orders, or a lost wedding ring, you’ll find that sometimes you have to jump into black water to find life-giving light.

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