Boyack’s New Work for 2013

Hey all, and a happy new year. Just a quick note to thank you all for the support you’ve been giving me and my latest release “Self Help and Other Works”. I enjoyed talking to Alicia Sometimes on 3RRR, Kate Evans on ABC RN and Megan Anderson from Going Down Swining in December — check those links to see more. I also wanted to let you all know that the seminal short story collection from 2003 “Transactions” will be available shortly, both in digital format and in hardcopy. The RRP will be more than competitive. A new short story collection entitled “Country Junk and Other Stories” will be available digitally soon. Many of these stories have found homes both here (Torpedo series) and overseas (Gargoyle, The Literary Review) but I’m excited to bring you these stories in a collection that will have the Boyack punch and colour. Another very exciting release will be my poetry-nano-novel entitled “The History of Dogs”. This narrative is based on a the created life of a cook who was killed by Aboriginal people at an old homestead near Newstead, country Victoria. This cook added some plaster to flour he then gave to supply-seeking Aboriginal people, who did not appreciate the way this made them feel. So they went back and did a number on him. Writing about my local area has never been more enjoyable. You should also keep an eye out for the up and coming Newstead Short Story Tattoo (May 3,4,5) in Newstead, 2013. There are some great storytellers coming to town, check the website for an update . I’d get in early for accomodation…like now…and I’m still happy to take submissions if you reckon you’ve got it in you…until next time…email here or wait for an update

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