Operational Lives” coming very soon

Working really hard on getting a collection of illustrated short-shorts out for the next Newstead Short Story Tattoo in May 2015. Check www.newsteadtattoo.org for details, and check back here every so often. Also keep an eye out for my new blog “Operational Lives” which you will receive for free through my Facebook page, through Twitter or when you check my website here. Looking to move into some Life Story work in private practice, one appointment at a time, one story at a time. I intend to write “operational Lives” regularly and encourage discussion and debate related to my experiences as a professional within the social services sector; the hilarity of Kafkaesque bureaucracy , the ludicrous ironies of sad children in the modern world, the glimmers of hope, the poor decision making that pervades a sick system, and the regular sector reviews and cabinet reshuffles.



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