Neil Boyack was born in 1967, and adopted 6 months later. He was married in Las Vegas in 1997 and has two kids. He lives with his family on solar power in the Victorian bush.  His work with families, young people and children has traversed many environments, including Government, not for profit and community organisations. Writing and communicating is a large part of Neil’s advocacy and support platform, and his fiction and poems reflect the brutal realism and irony of modern bureaucracy, yet include clues to Australian Indigenous cultures and the bleak history that ensued.  Neil has had work translated into French and Chinese. Previous story collections are Black, Snakeskin-Vanilla, See Through and the acclaimed collection from 2003 Transactions, through The Vulgar Press. Neil’s last poetry collection “Self Help and Other Works” was his debut e-book. His new books of illustrated (by Lucy Roleff) micro-fiction “Unimagine” and “Million Deaths” are now available– many of these pieces have been published in literary mags. Neil’s work has suffered the wrath and praise of critics everywhere.  Neil was a part of the shortest living Australian lit movement — Grunge. He is the director and founder of the Newstead Short Story Tattoo, and he speaks and read weekly on Mystery Train Radio, 1-12pm Wednesdays, 94.9 Main FM.


Bachelor Degree — Aboriginal Studies/Professional Writing — University of South Australia
Diploma — Management — BRIT
Graduate Certificate — Adolescent Health and Welfare — Melbourne University/ Royal Children’s Hospital
Developmental Psychiatry Course (Masters level) — Mindful/Melbourne University/Monash University
NMT Webinar course — Bruce Perry/ Child Trauma Academy


Transactions, short story collection, released September 2003, The Vulgar Press, Melbourne (www.vulgar.com.au). Received critical acclaim in reviews nation wide.

See Through, July 1996, short story collection through University of Queensland Press. Received strong press nationwide.

Snakeskin Vanilla, self published short story collection 1996.

Black, self published short story collection 1995

Stories and poems have appeared in various magazines, journals and anthologies including:


Warp Drive (Random House), Pub Fiction (Allen & Unwin), Torpedo Anthology (Aust/ USA), Best of Torpedo 2009 (Falcon Versus Monkey), Verity La, Castlemaine Independent, The Literary Review (USA), Trouble magazine.


Torpedo’s Greatest Hits 2010, Torpedo (issues 1,3,5), Crafty magazine, Gargoyle (USA), Overland, Verity La, Castlemaine Independent, The Literary Review (USA), Trouble magazine, Write Loud, Nocturnal Submissions, Litmus Journal online, Overland online,

Other media:

Three of Neil’s short stories have appeared on ABC Radio National as story of the month; You Meet her in a bar, Nothing Special, and Retail. He has performed numerous readings with people such as Jello Biafra, Christos Tsiolkas, Lydia Lunch, Cate Kennedy, Josephine Rowe, David Thrussell, and is the creator and director of the only short story festival in Australia, The Newstead Short Story Tattoo.

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